Duet studies are a great way to help clarinet students practice intonation, rhythm, and listening, which are essential skills to build for ensemble rehearsals. Band directors and private teachers alike are encouraged to use the duets on this page in their own lessons and assignments. This page will continually be added to and if there is a duet you would like to see on this page, let me know in the contact page!

Klose 27

Klose 30

Klose 38

Clarinet Bibliography - A Pedagogical Reference

The following is a short list of various clarinet studies and music that I have compiled into a bibliography. It is constantly being added to and I encourage band directors and other private teachers to use it as an aid in their research for clarinet music for their students. 

Clarinet Bibliography Spreadsheet 

Clarinet Music from Black Composers Playlist/Catalogue 

In an effort to highlight magnificent music that is often either disregarded or simply falls under the radar, I have created a playlist/catalogue of clarinet music by black composers available on Spotify. This is more than a playlist though. It is a community effort as well. Once you open the playlist/catalogue, you will see that it is collaborative, so if you happen to find a new work that is not already on the list, please feel free to add it! 

Clarinet Music From Black Composers Catalogue 

Chromatic Ascending Scales

Scales are great at getting students comfortable in various keys, but how does one practice getting from one key to another? These scales move chromatically and  are a great test of students' knowledge of the different key areas. 

Chromatic Ascending Major Scales 

Chromatic Ascending Melodic Minor Scales 

Chromatic Ascending Major Thirds